The coming storm

I don't know how this always happens, but once again my hair matches my clothes.

A storm showed itself a formidable foe on the horizon today. The giant crawled, crept, and slid toward us. It took shape as a being that was larger than we had previously perceived it to be. Dark and silent, it glared into the sun and made the light scurry for safety. Away from us and our need for it's warmth. The storm's arms encircled the curvature of the soil and sent it's cool breath to drift across the fields. A significant force for the relatively elementary components comprising a storm cloud. 

Today's post is featuring something newly introduced to my wardrobe - a leather skirt. I say those words and don't even understand how I could be drawn to such a thing, but I am proud of the way the fashion industry has grown to incorporate different textures into the average skirt. I was hoping to pair it with fun colours and prints as to make it less don't-come-near-me-I-am-a-punk-with-no-regard-for-authority, so I went for the funky tights. I think it would also work with a bright yellow; I can't wait to experiment with it. 


This was one of the funniest photoshoots we have done in a while, and all of these pictures are of me laughing because I was so excited to take pictures by this glorious corn field. I'm a city kid, I still get excited about silly things like that. 

Mary Janes are entirely useful and adorable, I have found. The strap keeps them from slipping off your heels, but the rest of the shoe is comfortable enough to give you strength all day. These ones are from Walmart, because I love low prices. We will see how they hold up for the colder months! 

//Blazer: Garage Sale//Skirt: Plato's Closet (Forever 21 brand)//Tights: Superstore//Shirt: Superstore (old)//
Often the songs I have will be directly tied to a person, someone that will come to mind when the first few measures flow into my headphones. Sometimes songs become people themselves; individuals that can be strong or sensitive or upset or lovely. Always full of life. This song is a person sitting alone in a dark room, thinking about any number of things. They don't speak, just listen. They stand and start to pace, but they don't reach any new conclusions. Their problems are not solved by the thinking, yet they still think. 

Or maybe it's something else. What do you see? 

Love, Natasha 


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