New York State of Mind

"A dream is a wish your heart makes" - Cinderella

My dream is to one day live in New York City. 

I want the glamour, the sense of human prosperity, the bustle of traffic, the shouting of people, the surrounding feeling of tall shiny buildings, the daily chances to assist those in need, and the never ending music scene that is so incredibly alive. ~AND THE FASHION~

But this does not mean I will stop at nothing to make sure I do. This does not mean that New York City is my paradise and I will not be happy living elsewhere. This does not mean I will find everything I'm looking for in life if I get there. This doesn't mean it is the right place for me to live. But I want to go, and I want to try. I want to explore and I want to see what it would be like. I want to be on my own and founder and struggle and falter and learn what it truly means to lean on God for His protection and provisions. I want to see how my faith fits into that city, and I want to be able to see what others believe and why that led them to New York. I want to see how God could use me in a city full of broken hearts and fighting spirits. I want to see what God will teach me through the unique and crazy people I will meet. I want to be inspired by the street fashion, the high fashion, the cheap fashion, the celebrity fashion, the really really weird people and the endless business professionals that exist in New York. 

(sidenote: ^ this is the first time I've pulled off a sexy look at the camera. Usually I just look weird.)

But my dream is still just that: It's a dream. It's not a calling and it's not set in stone. I am open for God to change my mind, change my plans, or change the way I see New York. But for now, I want to go. 

And that's why I like to make ridiculous purchases online like this New York Skyline midi skirt from Chicwish. I saw it on Pinterest and wanted to cry. Impractical, expensive, ostentatious, it did not fit the regular criteria for online purchases. But as you can see, it is now mine. It is a symbol of my impractical, expensive, ostentatious dream that I have to one day live in New York City. Maybe I will even wear my skirt there. Wouldn't that be something! 

//Skirt: Chicwish//Sweater: Gift//Tights: Gift//Shoes: Walmart//
//Photos by: Christine Zangl//
I like to highlight artists that people have never heard of. Not because I like being unique (because i do, besides the point, irrelevant) But because it makes me excited when I can pair a fan and an artist that wouldn't normally have found each other. Today I want to share two songs, because you might be in a different mood than the next reader. 

If you are into a slow but intense song about feelings, pick this one! [Jenny & Tyler, a husband and wife duo that had a very unpolished album that I fell in love with from 2012. This is from their new album released last week. I encourage you to check out the rest of it!]

If you are into something fun about nothing substantial, pick this one! [Frankie has a unique voice and is just embarking on her career. I hope you like her. You might not. It's okay. I'm supa chill.]

Thanks so much for reading, guys. I really appreciate you all :) And I hope you find your dreams too. 

Love, Natasha 


Anonymous said…
Another AMAZING post, Natasha!!! Loved everything about it!

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