Study Break

Hello there, 

I was going to make this post about studying and how to extenuate your intellectual prowess, but then I realized I have terrible study habits and any advice I will give will be a list of things I do not do. 

So I decided to do the opposite and compile a list of things you should not do to have great study habits. 

1. Always eat snacks. Food makes you study better, and when you sit down to do an assignment, always quickly stand back up again to make yourself a great snack. 
2. Play loud, awesome music. The songs will always get you to sing along! And if you're singing along, you wont be thinking of words to put on your page. 
3. Leave your bedroom door open. If people want to come in and distract you, it's super easy! They will feel welcome and loved by your openness and company. 
4. Use 30 mins of your work time to pick a font. Fonts are very important. It has to say "intellectual", but not "I didn't try to be creative." 
5. Do your homework on your bed. If you're lucky, you might fall asleep.
6. Run a fashion blog! You will need tons of time to take photos, edit, and write your posts! You can use your studying time to add some quality material to the blogosphere. 

(Featuring an actual real-life accounting textbook)

In all seriousness, studying in university or college is super important, so you have to make sure to do none of the things I just said because that is not how you succeed in your classes. Work hard, do your best, but hard core have some fun! Invest in people, not things, and don't strive for an unattainable standard that you might have set for yourself. Grace isn't just for people other than yourself. 

//Blazer: Forever 21 (thrifted)//Jeans: Reitmans//Heels: Payless//Shirt: Joe Fresh (Thrifted)//

All Photos by: Christine Zangl

I thought this post's musical suggestion could be a bit different flavour than usual, so I chose an angry breakup song from our friends named Johnnyswim. Their whole album Diamonds is fantastic, so if you like strong folk beats with really tender lyrics you should check them out. 

Love, Natasha 


Elizabeth said…
Hi, so I love your quirky and preppy style.:) You should check out my blog !!!!!!!!

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