The A to Zs of Fashion Trends


I thought I would do something a bit different and share a fun list of the things I have found in the fashion and beauty industry that are totally on trend, or perhaps should never be trendy at all. These crazy items and fads could be the inspiration you need for your next outfit! (also I threw in some sarcasm and puns for your entertainment)

A: Arrow jewellery 
Sometimes a small gold arrow around your wrist will give you the direction you need towards the really good sales at the mall.
B: Burgundy 
If you have looked through any clothing store this fall, you will have found at least 38 items in a burgundy shade. All of them the same as the next store.
C: Cat Eye eyeliner 
You may have noticed my penchant for this trend in previous posts, it is my daily go-to for school and work. And everyone knows, the longer the wing, the higher the volume of sass that day. It's science.
D: Dresses with Pockets 
I have experienced the excitement when discovering that a dress has pockets. It is as if they were filled with gold. I think all dresses should have pockets, because when wearing a dress you will always need other things like your phone and your sharp wit. They need to be stored somewhere!
E: Elephants on Everything 
I am quite fond of this trend, until the elephants get hungry.
F: Felt Hats 
Hats have feelings too. This fall they were felt in almost every store.
G: Green Eyeshadow 
Shouldn't have ever been a thing and should never be a thing again. (Exception: the NYFW runway because anything goes)
H: Heavy Sweaters 
I am encouraging it for the sole reason that last year there were only sweaters the thickness of paper and they expected us to freeze in style. This year we have the chance to be cuddly enough for 3 people at once!
I: Interesting hair colours 
It will always grow back, so hair goes nothing! All you need is a strand of courage to dye at the hands of a stylist.
J: Jeans with rhinestones on the back pockets 
While demonstrating your insanely western style, you can also demonstrate how incredibly uncomfortable it is to sit down on 35 small rocks attached to your pants.
K: Kardashian Style 
Outrageous, iconic, unaffordable, and definitely impractical. Leather pants, fur coats, and heavy contour. I'm sure these things are great fashion choices in moderation, but in excess? I would like to see a bit more individuality in the fashion world.
L: Low Rise Jeans 
Okay, yes, they are sexy and comfy, but please do not make these a trend at the same time as crop tops. It just doesn't work for what we are trying to accomplish.
M: Midi Skirts
A classier twist on the usual fit and flare. Vintage yet so city chic, and totally impractical. My personal aesthetic. (Here and Here and Here but especially Here)
N: Nude Heels 
I can't get over how great they make one's legs look. Simply endless. Simply divine. You simply have to find ones that don't feel like death after 20 mins.
O: Oversized pompoms on toques 
Not for everyone, but when you can pull them off, do. No one will be able to resist pulling it off your head though. Beware.
P: Plaid Scarves 
I would be surprised if you hadn't noticed the many women sporting a large plaid blanket scarf or shawl this winter season. Paired with a leather jacket and some slimming burgundy jeans, you could be totally on trend (And not at all unique. Find what works for you! And rock that.)
Q: Quickly running out of fashion trends 
Please comment a fashion trend that starts with Q if you think of one thanks.
R: Red coats 
Not the civil war army. Just the fabric ones with the big black buttons.
S: Short Hair 
It really is the better choice, please don't lengthen the decision process. You can chop off any hesitation you have, and just feel happier than a pixie about the whole thing. Don't worry if you feel lightheaded, that's just the excitement of having such a fly hairstyle. (I'm totally not biased about this topic fyi)
I cannot fully express how much I love tights. They are so versatile and come in so many different patterns, and can be sexy or very subtle. They are helpful for making a shorter dress more appropriate, but also adding a different colour or texture to an otherwise nondescript outfit. I own way too many tights, but they are so rad and I can't wait to mix and match over the coming winter months.
U: Uncomfortable High Heels 
WHY ARE THESE A TREND? Please stop hurting me. I just want to be able to stand wearing heels (pun intended) and accomplish the feet (pun intended) of wearing them all evening. Beauty is pain, but having fun is also one of my interests.
V: Very poofy tulle skirts
We all want to be a ballerina in the end.
W: Wide bell sleeves 
Although fitting for the boho scene, it just doesn't do much for me except bring back the seventies. And none of the fashion world wants to see that again.
X: I'm not even going to try 
Clothes can get x-pensive?
Y: Yoga Pants 
No matter what they say about them, they are really comfy. (But so are dresses? And why wouldn't you wear a dress?)
Z: Zero room in women's pants pockets. 
Thanks to the fashion industry for never giving us a place to put our things, so they also have to sell us a purse. Real sneaky.

This has been: A to Z of fashion trends with Natasha Love. Please enjoy this picture of my best friend and her collection of stuffed animals and items.

If you were to be looking for a song that correctly describes the feeling you get when starting something new with someone, and that moment of peering over the horizon of a future with them, take a good listen to this Sara Bareilles tune. It's delicate and sweet, and brings to mind all the people that you hope to live your life alongside.

Love, Natasha


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