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She is Elegance and Grace

...She is falling on her face

It's been a while, my lovely readers. I would like to say some emotional grit about needing to take time away and discover myself and have a fresh perspective about my blog, but really I just didn't have time to post, and when I did, I couldn't muster a grain of creativity because I was so worn out. 
If you don't care about these photos but want an update on my life, just skip down a few paragraphs. This will be a long post. 

First, I'd like to address how I got to take such beautiful majestic photos in a white gown. I'm not getting married lol. 
I've always wanted to recreate my prom photos; The ones I took at graduation were before I learned how to model, and although they turned out great, they were rushed and I had always wished they were in a more elegant and intimate setting. So I called on the same photographer, who since then had switched to using film, and borrowed my sister's prom dress to try and cultivate a perso…

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