How to Wear Summer Clothes in Winter

Hey Readers! 

I had the pleasure of taking some photos with Rachel from The Artistry of Rachel  and her coworker (my good friend) Hannah Gray! We braved the cold and fought off the strange shadows in downtown Winnipeg to get some good shots of this fun outfit. These two photographers are really talented and do great weddings, so if you're looking for someone in Steinbach you can give them a shout. 

Wearing certain clothes in the winter can be tricky; there's lots to think about. What type of shoes are needed, how long you'll spend outdoors, what patterns go with solids, but I've found a happy medium with a pair of black tights and a blazer or cardigan. I don't think there is anything in my closet that I couldn't wear in the winter if I tried. (Maybe a pair of shorts or two) 

This skill comes in handy because I live in a place where the winter is unforgiving and inconveniencing. I long for summer when I can wear one item of clothing and not need to manipulate the accessories to get more warmth. It's a relative struggle, I suppose. 

This romper is particularly summer-themed, with a light chiffon fabric and wild floral pattern. It would definitely be nice for a beach day, but not one where you're actually being active and beachy. Just if you want to sit on the beach and act like you aren't having fun. 

But it is technically spring so you can look forward to getting to dress for fun and not for the weather! 

I'm also sorry for not posting so much, it's been tough to find creativity in this medium lately. I'm not sure what this means for the continuation of HP, but we'll see. Thank you for reading! 
//Romper: Dynamite//Blazer: RW&co//Tights: idk target//Shoes: Suzy Shier//
Please enjoy some John Mayer that doesn't ever give up being amazing. Let it sing you to sleep or sing you awake, whatever your flavour is. 

Have a great week! 
Love, Natasha 

*Bonus Photo* 


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