Pink and Shopping Habits

Hello my pals,

This is my school library; I think this is like the 5th time I've been in here this year; I know it's supposed to be a wealth of knowledge etc etc but tbh I prefer my cosy room and lack of knowledge to trudging through the snow and trying to find a couch that doesn't put me to sleep before I finish my paper. 

School is a blast. Even the tough times are fun because you all have to face the storm together, and you all empathize with the struggles and trials of what each week brings. I love living with a bunch of other people my age, so much so that it's hard to talk to adults when I get back to the workplace or even when I have to interact with society lol. I need to remember to speak more formally, even though I'm spending 8 months of the year at a formal education institution. Really it's just a place to talk about memes. 

I officially have a habit of buying watches. I still have a habit of buying dresses, but gosh that got expensive real fast. I can't afford many dresses these days, but watches are more of a relaxed and interesting piece of an outfit that I've started to play around with. Another trend I have fallen in love with this season is rose gold. My necklace and watch are both from Reitmans (You know how I love my Reitmans) and they have really beautiful rose gold pieces this winter season. I hope the trend continues for a while. 

This dress I bought online from Ruche, a store from which I bought this dress and this dress. I told you it was a habit.... and it is a strange fit, for being a size L. The waistband is tight and the skirt is mighty short (thank you tights) but it's a nice silhouette and the colour pairs well with rose gold. I think it will be nice in summer. 

Thanks for reading! Today's song is by John Legend. His album Darkness and Light has been an interesting journey to take, and one of the best songs is the first track, I Know Better. He talks about the trap of fame and the way he wants to be an authentic voice - not just singing what sells albums. I'm not sure what that means for the rest of the album, which isn't pop necessarily but has very mainstream themes. He doesn't want to fit in any box, but that doesn't mean he won't end up there anyway. Those are just my thoughts; enjoy! 

Love, Natasha 

*Bonus Photo*


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