Worth the Splurge?

Hello readers! 

RW&Co is one of those "look but don't touch" stores that I wander around in often. My tastes range from thrifted cardigans and Walmart shoes to designer purses and elegant dresses, and this store is definitely one that falls on the expensive side of the scale. Only recently have I found that hunting for treasures in this store often leaves me with semi-affordable things that I can confidently add to my business wardrobe for my career. This dress is one of them! 

This dress is the most expensive item of clothing that I have bought for myself (at least that I can remember.) It was in stores in late August, and I was close to buying it but could not justify the price tag. Then when I was checking up on it (A great shopping tip! If you love something, set it free. Then keep obsessively checking on it til it goes on sale. Then buy it.) it was completely on clearance! and in my size! I had to take a walk around the mall before fully committing (I like to contemplate things so I regret them even MORE later.) and then I paid $$$ for it. 

Buying things for regular price is rarely worth it. With enough searching and patience, you can easily find the same thing or equivalent for a lower price. I believe in clearance racks and thrift stores, and I believe in coupons and online discount codes. I also believe in dressing well, so it makes for an excellent hobby. Splurges are for special occasions and necessary purchases, not for everyday use. 

You have to understand that I am a college student. Purchases like these are very very dumb. BUT since I am still considered in need of teaching in a formal institute, you could consider me to be very dumb anyway. Let's just say I am trying to conform to the societal standard that the world sets, to be reckless in my youth. So my reckless abandon is buying this really adult-like dress that will last me a very long time. 

~And it has pockets~

This will probably be one of the last posts you see this fall with me without a jacket. It is getting so cold, I can't actually handle it for pictures. We will have to get creative moving forward.

//Dress: RW&Co//Tights: Ardenes//Mug: Kate Spade//
I just found this week's song and I already know I'm going to love it. The man sings with such passion and I can tell he feels what he talks about. And that's the kind of art I like. Take a listen! 

Love, Natasha


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