6 Fashion Blogs I Love

Hey guys,

I thought I would do a bit of a different post this week, and share with you a few of the lovely fashion blogs I have come to admire. (But first, a rant)

Blogs are amazing, I have come to appreciate the art form so much more since starting my own. I love the freedom and simplicity, as well as the opportunity to share knowledge and opinions. If you ever wanted to start a blog, I would encourage you to go for it 100%. Even if you think it's crappy and no one will ever read it, even if you don't think you can keep it up for too long, just start it anyway. It's really fantastic to be able to write with no guidelines or rules, and to be able to craft pieces that are put together in the way that you want.

Fashion blogs are great for many reasons, the first being that it is creative and fun. I have never had to work hard to make outfits, but sometimes it's a struggle to find something interesting to wear for Haphazardly Preppy. It gives me a reason to experiment and buy funky items and try to explore my own personal style. This is another reason I love fashion blogging, which is the very unique people and their unique style that can be expressed on the internet. Each one has so much personality. There are some craaazy blogs out there, but also some really normal people doing normal stuff and wearing normal clothes. Even though they don't dress crazy wacky like some, they want to share, and I feel honoured to be able to read about their life and the stuff they go through. It's personal. It's also a good way to keep up on trends which some of you might not care about, but I think it's awesome to see the new ideas that come through for each season and watch the weather dictate the changes in fashion trends.

I think most of all, it's one of my interests because it's like reading a fashion magazine without the ads, photoshop, endorsements, airbrushing, and distortion of reality. Don't get me wrong, some blogs are supported by ads and endorsements, and the photography used by bloggers doesn't always need to be au natural, but the general community of fashion blogs promotes the individuality and uniqueness of each person equally. No one is trying to get us to buy clothes. No one is trying to make us negatively compare ourselves to the models. No one wants us to go on a diet. They just want to share things that are important to them, and I think that's what social media and blogging should be about.

I started a fashion blog because I love reading fashion blogs, and I thought it would be supa fun. And it is. So these are some of the blogs that I have grown to love and admire over the past few years.

1. The Pineneedle Collective 

Annika is an Australian diy-thrifty-kitschy-feminist woman who is the main inspiration for me to start a blog. Her style is nothing like mine, I don't sew at all, her summer season is my winter, and her interests are vastly different to mine. However I have fallen in love with the frank, quirky, adorable writing style that she puts forth in her blog. She is inspiringly passionate and I am so encouraged by her individuality. Also her instagram is hilarious and with 10 thousand followers, I'm not alone by thinking she rocks. I've been following her for a few years, and it has been so fun to journey with her as she has grown in popularity and talent.

2. Steffy's Pros and Cons

Steffy lives in New York, and I feel like it makes her blog 100x more interesting to read. She is quirky and sort of vintage-classic in her style, but entirely practical and down-to-earth as well. She travels and has adventures with her husband (also her photographer) and her instagram  is pretty stellar.

3. The Joy of Fashion

Marie has an interesting blog, because you can literally scroll for years and never ever get to the end. I don't actually know if her closet has an end either, because she has so many outfits and always seems to be buying more. All adorable. Marie lives in Panama, which is in Central America and is really tropical and lovely, so of course she gets to wear summer clothes all year round. It's easy to be jealous of her, so I try to read her blog with the disclaimer that her life probably isn't as perfect as she makes it out to be. A delightful read if you want to be cheered up! (P.S. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and actually makes a career out of her blog and associated connections, so it's super cool.)

4. Finding Femme

I found Liana's blog a few months ago and was so enamoured by her beauty. This blog is one I read just to look at the beautiful pictures. She is really talented with posing and looking entirely elegant, so she is really inspiring to me in that sense. I love the style and class that she shows with her fashion.

5. The Soubrette Brunette

Sammi is one of the most unique bloggers I have ever found. She actually accomplishes being a 50s pin-up queen literally every day, which is crazy. She has an incredible wardrobe, and gets a lot of sponsorships from online companies. I love her blog's personality and the way she shares about her life and what she's going through. 

6. The Red Reticule

Not a blog I read on a regular basis, but when I found The Red Reticule, I freaked out because this woman is exactly how I see myself dressing in 20 years. Ever so classy, always neat and tucked in, and lots of pearls. Her hair is even like mine, lol. Her blog is great for advice and new fashion tips as well, so I like to read and get inspired by her.

Those are the main few, among all the other blogs I follow. I hope you can peruse these and have some fun! Or not, do what you want. I don't care.

Just make sure you listen to this ULTRA RAD SONG BY THE OH HELLOS OFF THEIR NEW ALBUM THEY RELEASED LAST WEEK that i am not excited about at all, what are you talking about.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

Love, Natasha


Liana Skewes said…
Thanks so much for sharing me on your list of blogger! Today I was having one of those days where I felt like no one reads my blog, so why bother, and then I saw this! Thanks so much for including me and for saying such nice things about me. It really has made my day <3


It was interesting to read about my blog through your eyes. Thank you for the feature!
xo, Bogi
Waaaaoooo!!! Thank you so much for adding me to this list!!! You have made me feel SOO special!!! YAAAAAIII!! I really appreciate everything you wrote, thank you sooooo much!!!
Waaaaoooo!!! Thank you so much for adding me to this list!!! You have made me feel SOO special!!! YAAAAAIII!! I really appreciate everything you wrote, thank you sooooo much!!!

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