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Hello Readers -

I had the pleasure of being photographed by my cousin Lauren Gee (Simple Joys Photography) today. She lives in Ontario, and since we were in town, I was excited for her talented lens. Her family has been very kind to us and this weekend has been a blast. A good break from my jobs and busy life in Kelowna.

Summer is my favourite, as you may have guessed. I just can`t begin to describe the feeling I get when I have the stereo turned up in my car, the windows down, and the sun on the earth. I feel bad for the people I drive with because I sing so loud. But I can`t contain the feelings, and I can`t imagine life any better. 

However, it doesn't last. We have to get out of the car and go to work, or we run out of gas, or it gets too dark to drive, or we have to go home and accept the crushing responsibilities of adulthood. Ew. 

And that's why, each time, when I'm singing in the car or walking along the boardwalk downtown, or even taking pictures with my family and friends like today, I can't help but take time to thank God for that moment. This sounds super cheesy, but I'm still remembering the days in February when all I wanted was a car, 30 degree weather, and a great album. Now I have those things, and the entropy of the universe decrees that it will never last, but I had better darn appreciate it while it does. In February when I hate life, these moments will sustain me. 

Lets talk about fashion. This is the outfit I am wearing to a wedding this weekend, a recent purchase that took much deliberation and hesitation. I am so strapped for cash right now because of school in the fall, but I managed to convince myself I needed to buy a dress for this event. Several weeks of looking meant I shopped a lot and did my research. Watching sales and constantly on the lookout, it was actually such a good excuse to go shopping. I love shopping. So after finding this dress, I decided the $23 price tag was doable, and I could finally stop looking. (I didn't stop, but shh) The softness of the chiffon is lovely for summer. It was a great dress to add to my collection. 

//Dress: Sears//Belt: Le Chateau (Old)//Necklace: gift//Shoes: Hawaiian Market//
The song Slow Down by Midnight Pilot was a surprise to me. It was one of those songs that you put on your phone but don't listen to, and then I finally did this week and loved it! What a great beat! Their whole ep (and an album) is on Noisetrade (A place for free music downloads, but uploaded by artists for marketing purposes so completely legal. Often stuff no one has heard of, for you hipsters. Check it out!!

Unfortunately they are too obscure to find on Youtube, but if you follow the link, you can listen to each song before downloading it. Enjoy! 

Love, Natasha 


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