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Hi there

This outfit is the latest addition to my wardrobe, with a heavy contribution from Reitmans. 

I dress like this to go to the mall, but I also dress like this to go to work. Some call it business casual, I call it being too uptight to wear jeans and a shirt that don't match. 

When people mention the words "business casual", I am instantly intrigued. Not only does this mean all manner of creativity for outfits, but it has leeway for both nice jeans and flats, or a fun dress and heels. I work at Reitmans and when a customer walks in searching for "business casual", I can't help but get excited. It's the style I prefer to rock when I can choose what to wear. Some activities call for being dressed down, but any chance I get, you will see me in business casual. This outfit is perfectly comfortable for work, and I can't wait until it's actually cold enough to wear these pants more often. (I TAKE IT BACK. SUMMER CAN STAY FOREVER.) 

//Pants: Reitmans//Shirt: Reitmans//Purse: Smart Set//Heels: Thrifted//

This is a beautiful song to slow dance with your datemate. (I won't be doing that, I dont have one.) Enjoy anyway, lovebirds.

*special update* A young man saw this blog post and liked this song so much, he saved it for a day when he could play it for a girl, if he ever found one he liked. Then he got to know this one lady that he liked, and she liked him too. They went on a date. He played this song for her. They slow danced in the moonlight. That girl was me. He played it for me. I guess you could call it Our Song now. 

Love, Natasha 


Alana said…
Love this outfit! You looked fabulous in it when I met you in the mall:) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I hope to bump into you again!

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