Rainy Summers

Rain is NOt suPpoSeD tO bE a PaRrt oF suMMeR

This photoshoot was actually done in the pouring rain, for no reason other than having bad timing for scheduling. My kind friend Daisy is so talented and we took these pictures after a day of thrifting. If you haven't gone to a thrift store lately, you should totally take an afternoon and peruse your local second hand shop. The things you find are amazing!

I have had this dress for many years, it is one of those pieces that you can wear when nothing else is working that day. It's from Walmart, which gives you an idea of how little brand name matters on days like this. For some items, sure, it's a great investment to get something more pricey to have that logo or distinct style. But you have to be open-minded when it comes to finding cheap replacements for items that would break your bank otherwise. And it's easy to rock something from a thrift store, you just need to look hard enough. (If you want more tips on thrift store shopping, click here!)

I love umbrellas but I don't like the rain. 

//Dress: Walmart//Cardigan: Thrifted//Flip Flops: Mexican Market//

Speaking of the rain, this would definitely be a cosy-blanket-mug-rainy-day type of song. Enjoy! 

Love, Natasha 


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