F is for Friends that do stuff together

Hello people of earth,

It's about time I featured this particular person on my blog.

My best friend, Stephanie. She's quirky, passionate, and the person I share everything with. I love everything about her, and I love the way we compliment each other to be better people. 

//Skirt: Northern Reflections//Shirt: Suzy Shier//Suspenders: very old lol//Shoes: Walmart// 

This was one of the most fun photoshoots I have ever done. We found a street at dusk and goofed around for a long while. Our friendship is simple like that, we don't need to have a long list of activities planned. As long as we are together, it's never boring. 

Stephanie's fashion cannot be easily explained, which is great. 

Today she rocks the "I'm adorable but also don't mess with me" look, which happens to be her favourite aesthetic. Her sewing skills (previously mentioned in past posts) have resulted in this amazing pinafore! It's a good representation of her creative wardrobe. 


A best friend like Steph is something I can't help but wish for everyone else. I get excited when people mention their best friend, because that means they have found someone that they can trust to be their confidante and encourager. I believe friendship isn't something that should change when people get into relationships, (even if you end up dating your best friend) I think it should grow stronger and be something to lean on when things get crazy. I wish everyone could have a best friend like Stephanie is to me. Someone to call at midnight when you are too upset to cry, or someone you can't wait to get home to tell good news to. Someone who understands your endless idiosyncrasies and has a few of their own. Someone who doesn't need constant entertainment, but understands the business of life and will be content with the small amounts of time we do get together. Someone who values their time with you and respects you with their attention and care. Someone who knows what to say when you are upset, and can celebrate with you in the good times. Someone who knows your goals and encourages you to achieve them. 

//Pinafore: DIY//Shirt: Thrifted//Shoes: American Apparel//Necklace: Melanie Martinez merch//
Maybe a datemate can give you all these things, or your spouse. But it's often a different role they need to fill. Who is going to rejoice with you when that special person finally asks you out? Who is going to cry with you when things go wrong? There's so many different levels in a friendship that aren't explored when you date someone. It's not so fickle. You don't get frustrated with a friend and then just break up. You work it out. 

My friendship with her may be unique, but I hope everyone has someone in their life that they can be accountable to, and have a blast being around. (and be super weird with lol) 

And you don't always have to agree. I didn't support the purchase of her blue shoes, I think they are ridiculous. She loves them. We make it work. 

This song embodies the friendship that exists when we are in the car with the windows down and the sun in our eyes. She does the Iggy Azalea, I do the Jennifer Hudson. and we make it work. (and oh man do we have fun.) 

So make sure you take time to drop a note to your best friend and tell them you love them. They are precious and amazing, so make each day count! 

Love, Natasha (and Stephanie) 


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