Trying to be Casual

People of Earth: 

Sometimes people will mention how I am always in dresses, and how I always dress up. 

 They are right. I always dress up. I can't help it. My pajamas even match. 

Often by default I stand out in a crowd, and I can't say I don't like being individualistic, but some days I don't want to be noticed. I try to be casual, I really do. This is my attempt. A slouchier cardigan paired with an untucked blouse and colourful crop pants makes this a comfy and cute outfit. But each item by itself could still be drafted into a business-casual outfit, and I normally wear this top with a printed skirt or blazer. (see post here.) and herein lies the problem with me trying to wear something casual: there will always be the temptation to pair these things with something dressy. ~sorry~ I can't help but envision floral and feminine when I think about what goes with what. It's who I am. 

Plus this cardigan makes me feel like I'm wearing a cape and that is cool. 
//Cardigan: Reitmans/Blouse: Reitmans//Pants: RW&Co.//Shoes: Walmart//

P.S. I have no idea what my hair colour is anymore, but I am heading back to deep purple soon. 
Stay tuned! 

A song that is good for driving in the rain and thinking of the ones you love. Sorry if it makes you cry.

Love, Natasha 


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