Happy First Birthday to my blog!


I am so pleased to have made it an entire year with this fashion blog. It has been a crazy journey, and I have learned so many things about the culture of blogging and the reasons people read Haphazardly. I am frankly surprised I have kept up with it for so long, I had no idea how far I could take this when I made my first post a year ago. (it was horrible. I've gotten a lot better.) It is so fun to have a record of how my tastes have changed and developed (and how many things I have purchased.. oops) since i started in 2014. 

I've learned a lot of things about individuality and being unique. I've tried to keep my posts pretty casual and unstructured. It's tempting to just talk about the outfits and copy the rhetoric and language of other blogs that I follow and love, but I don't want to lose the personality of Haphazardly and just slide into being a generic fashion blog that anyone could write. This is as much a personal endeavour as it is about fashion, as you may have noticed. I love fashion but I also love sharing my thoughts in hopes that people can learn or at least identify with me in them. It's a valuable exercise for me. 

I would also like to take time to thank all the people who have encouraged me in my fashion pursuits and have taken the time to photograph and help me with my blog. You guys are immensely motivating for me and I could never have done this without you. It is surprising how many people have actually taken the time to read and be interested in the things I post, especially the amount of male viewers I have come in contact with. I hadn't ever considered I would have guys reading this, and I'm not going to change my fashion content because of that but hey, welcome here, boys. 

Moving forward, I hope to work hard on reaching out to other fashion bloggers and maybe getting in real-life contact with a few of them. There are a lot of inspiring and amazing women in this industry and I hope to make some connections through Haphazardly Preppy and see if friendships can be formed because of a mutual love for fashion. Also, if you have a blog too, let me know in the comments! I would love to read it! 

So here's to the year in the rearview mirror, 
and here's to the many years on the horizon. 
I want to continue to dress to the nines, and be an example of authenticity wherever I go. 

//Skirt: SheIn//Top: Smart Set (old)//Shoes: Walmart//Coat: Thrifted//Earrings: gift//
But no blog post is ever complete without an amazing song at the end! Thank you to anyone who has ever actually listened to them, it means a lot to me to have a chance to share good music and introduce artists to fans. It is a complete privilege for me to hear that others have found good music because of Haphazardly Preppy. Thank you for everything! Have an awesome week! 

Love, Natasha 


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