Tulle Skirts and Blue Skies


This is the part of the summer where I start getting really tan and lie on the couch for exorbitant amounts of time. 
~not this year~

Welcome to adulthood, Natasha! I work all day in the AC, and I shouldn't complain but I really do get no time in the sunny afternoons. Since I live in the Okanagan Valley, it's like prime sunshine time whenever I'm at work. But I love my jobs, and it makes up for my lack of laying in the light of the sun. 

Lets talk about this skirt! A pink tutu is the dream of 5 year old girls, but sometimes it can blend into the wardrobe of an adult, too. This particular one is from Smart Set, and when I saw it in the store and had a little meltdown. It takes a while to find a good tulle midi skirt that won't be "partially lined" (always be careful when online shopping for these! They can trick you!) And this one had my name all over it. It goes great with a white lace top, or something similar, and I love the versatility of it. I wore it to the office, out with friends, and of course it could be dressed up a lot. 

So much twirling happens in this skirt. All day long. And why not dress like a princess if you can get away with it? Dressing well or dressing up can put your whole day in a different mood, and it's amazing what a confident smile can do for others who might not be having a great day. Never hesitate to share something positive, never try to hold back sincerity or kindness. There are so many ways to be the light in someone's day, and I want more people to take advantage of those moments. 

This song is of Tori Kelly's new album, and bomb diggity I want you to love it. Or not, I mean everyone likes different things. I agree that music is subjectively liked. ~but this is a really great song~ 

Love, Natasha


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