That Summer Feeling

Hi everyone!

Summer has been invading my heart and I love it. There's something about being in a car with the windows down, on the days when the sun never sets, eating sushi and planning futures. Magic. 
wee little elephant necklace

I work a lot. I dream a lot. Not sure how the two fit together yet. 

Since getting a second job at a clothing store, my wardrobe has significantly *ahem* expanded. But this maxi dress is an older friend, and I don't wear it too often because it's hard to find places to wear a shockingly red dress and not stand out [more than the average standing-out.] The grey long sweater has a neutralizing effect, I find, and gives the outfit a calming effect. It was perfect for work, but I could also wear it on a night out with that boyfriend I still don't have. (*UPDATE* i got a boyfriend.)


Thanks for reading, I hope to be posting more this month.
Put this song on in the car with the windows down! I dare you! 

Love, Natasha


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