Unexpectedly Pleasant

Today was a golden surprise. We had thought our weather was plunging at full speed toward winter, never to return. But hooray! The sun reappeared and kissed us once more.
Tonight I am playing one of the songs I have written at an open mic event at my college. I'm nervous, but it will be okay. I like plunging myself into things I have no idea how to do. Like college! And running a fashion blog. It seems to be the best course of action when I don't have anything else to do. 
This grey skirt is one of my favorite pieces, and it's from a thrift store. I was in Alberta and perusing through a store that had a great sale on, and I came across this very matronly and boring skirt. It was thick and grey and long, past my knees. Very ugly! But I believe in second chances, even for weird clothing. I took it to my best friend who can sew like a maniac and she shortened it for me, creating this adorable almost-circle skirt. I love it! 

I think my cat tights win, though. Cats for your knees? Like who wouldn't want that? 

//Shirt: Bloomingdales//Skirt: Thrifted+DIY//Tights: Aeropostale//Shoes: Thrifted//Earrings: Thrifted//
I found this song about two days ago, and it is fascinating. This band has such an interesting sound! Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldcQUiRPwGs 

Update: In the hour since I took these pictures, it has clouded over completely. Goodbye summer!! 

Love, Natasha 


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