Pinafore? Yes Please.

Hello all! These pictures were taken a week ago, in the depths of a Minnesota forest. It was a beautiful fall day, and I quickly made myself marginally attractive so we could go out into the trees and take pictures. This pinafore is my pride and joy right now, I want to wear it every day, but society confirms that wouldn't be the best course of action. I found it for 2 dollars at a tween store that I wouldn't usually go in but I saw the pinafores and had to. Just had to. 

I went down to Minnesota for Canadian Thanksgiving, and it was a blast. I stayed with my grandparents and they fed us so full of turkey and then sent us on our way. I was happy we got to go shopping too, giving me more material (ha) to work with in my limited wardrobe here at college! 

//Pinafore: Rue21//Shirt: Thrifted//Scarf: Garage//Hairbow: Mexican shop//Leggings: Thrifted//

This week I have been intrigued by a song called Why Can't We by Asa, and it makes me want to dance. The music video is awesome, you can check it out here! Enjoy. 

Love, Natasha


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