The Grays of Winter

Hello friends, 

My parents sent me this shirt because they are aware of my financial habits, and get irked when I say that I am "broke" when I have enough disposable income for another dress. But really, it's all about prioritizing! If I don't eat, I can get cute new shoes.... hmm... 

This outfit was a newer gathering of clothes, and the fact that I am wearing sneakers instead of flats or heels totally gives me a new attitude. Have you ever noticed that? Of course it's fair to say cute clothes give you more confidence and help you have a good day, but have you ever noticed if wearing certain items has an effect on your attitude? 

Like wearing a leather jacket will make you feel dangerous and sexy, or wearing a soft dress can give you a more flirtatious demeanour throughout your day. I feel that way with sneakers; they make me run and jump and generally feel more energetic. Perhaps it's the illusion of fitness and health, to which I have no aspiration. But I really find it refreshing to depend on my shoes wholeheartedly instead of worrying about falling over (heels) or being cold (flats)  

This backpack is another one of those things that makes me feel differently, I have never had a backpack this pretty in my entire scholastic career, and I haven't really used one since grade 11. But I feel so adorable with my pretty backpack and it is so convenient for all my textbooks, so I just get excited when I get to use it. Do you have anything in your wardrobe that instantly gives your a change of attitude when you put it on? 

Other things can give you confidence too, like different makeup or a great hair day. But your appearance is only one portion of who you are as a person, and while we love to change and adapt our personal style, it's only the tip of the ice berg. We can also work hard on improving who we are as individuals and making sure that everything we do is done with kindness and love. 

And this is the part of the show where they usually say "You are prettiest when you're smiling!" which seems like a nice sentiment but, once again, they are bringing the conversation back to physical appearances. I say you can show people that they are loved if you speak to them with humility and joy, including a smile. And that will last a lot longer for them than being pretty. 

(my exact feelings when I wear this backpack) 

//Shirt: Winners//Skirt: Northern Reflections//Sneakers: Forever 21//Scarf: Aldo//Backpack: Spring//
This song is special to me because I found it many years ago, and the melody is so powerful. I remember listening to it on repeat and being overwhelmed with the emotion in the notes and strings. It describes how there is love in every heartbeat of the world and how we cannot live without God's power to give life to us. Hope you enjoy it.

Love, Natasha 


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