The Last Nice Day Til Spring

That's it. It's over. 

The Last Sunny Day Without Harsh Winter Temperatures. The Last Day Before The Rain Comes. The Day Where The World Stands Still And The Birds Feel Like It's Okay to Sing.

This felt hat is the cutest. I was looking at all the wide-brimmed ones like here and here in the stores, but they all seemed quite impractical. Adorable to wear in the store and for a photoshoot, but, do you wear it inside? In class? At the dinner table? I still have no idea. This hat seemed like a nice idea for something closer to a casual touque, but still stylish and unique. I try not to jump on every trend bandwagon that comes around, because it just adds up to a lot of items you won't wear long term. 

Speaking of long term, I have had this dress for a few years. Before that, my mom had it. And before that, my sister had it. She got it from someone else before that. Not many things have made it into the closet of my whole family, but this dress is one of them. It's comfy, light, long, and totally classy. My usual accessories include pearls and a light coloured flat, but of course ~winter is coming~ so I opted for bolder accessories. 

and it's got POCKETS. 

The sky is so lovely aahh 

//Dress: inherited from many different people//Hat: Aldo Accesssories//Tights: Ardenes//Necklace: Oakridge gift shop//

Brand New Life by Panama Wedding - - More like BRAND NEW EP FROM THIS BAND I REALLY LOVE THAT CAME OUT ON FRIDAY. I have waited long enough. Now I shall enjoy these tunes from this underground start-up band from New York City. 

Love, Natasha 


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