Sunny Vintage

Can it just be summer?? 

Today was Retro Day for Spirit Week at school, and I didn't get the memo that it wasn't cool to dress up so here I am, with my hair did and my 70's dress on. 

The reason I call this a 70's dress is because it's actually from the 70's. It has the Sears logo to prove it! I thrifted it a while ago for the summer months but I thought wearing it today would be considered "retro" instead of "Natasha being way too fancy again." 

These pictures were taken by my good friend Hannah, and I had so much fun going around campus to find places to take them. The wind was angry but we managed. 

I took extra care with my makeup today, which is a lame use of my time when beauty fades and there is no match for a woman with Christ. (Proverbs 31:30)

And the point of this blog is to have fun and be me, right? So let's throw ourselves a party and be too fancy and sing off key and eat food with each other, careful to be kind in all circumstances and take time for the things we love. Because there is more to life than fashion. And I intend to find it. 

Love, Natasha


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