Pink Spring

Hello Internet! 

I have been taking a break from blogging, but I am not about to stop! School has been crazy and February is just about the most uninspiring month in the year; nothing to dress up for and certainly no good weather for pictures. However, now that March has marched in (ha) I will be posting more. 

This day marked the first day of 2015 that I didn't wear any tights or leggings! And the sun was so bright and cheerful, it felt like summer was almost here.

When I left the dorm that morning my friend told me I looked like a sexy librarian. I suppose it works. My glasses match the shirt, which calms my complex of un-matching accessories. 

hooray for awkward expressions

This skirt is awesome, and I found it when I was thrifting with my best friend. It used to be a long-90's-velvet number with an awkward slit in the back. Once again, thanks to Stephanie's sewing skills, I have a perfectly-lengthened skirt that cost me $6 and has good memories attached. It goes well with a dressy top, and you could also add a blazer for work-ready style. If you want to learn more about easy ways to find things at a thrift store, check out my previous post

Indie-pop rhythms abound for this band, and their album No Home is an excellent experience. Take a listen! 

Spring has come to Manitoba and I look forward to sharing more fashion with you all! 

Love, Natasha


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