Casual Cropped and Comfy

Hello my sweet little chickens. Hope you had a restful Christmas break, and haven't cried too much after getting back to a schedule! 

This outfit is inspired by the pants, I must say. I found them on sale at Smart Set, which also happens to be where I got the shirt (also on sale.) See a trend? The pants are interesting texture, and cropped at the ankle. Manitoba weather dictates that crop pants are a no-no for cold days, so the boots fix that. But I still love the way they liven up a casual outfit with colour. A muted but classy shirt pairs well and I just love the way Smart Set seems to sell things that can't help but go together. 

I purchased, took from my mother, and was given many clothes this Christmas. I also came upon these boots in Herbergers (American Sears) for a steal, which made me happy inside. This, coupled with the fact that I had already been gleefully finding more dresses to add to my collection over the break, made for quite a full suitcase coming back to university. My wardrobe here has grown a sizeable amount, and I wasn't trying very hard. Maybe I'm an addict? But that's why I have a blog. 

I am so thankful for these beautiful pictures and my beautiful friend Anastasiia that takes them. She is a gem. She makes me look like I'm pretty lol 

//Shirt: Smart Set//Pants: Smart Set//Necklace: Thrifted//Boots: Herbergers//Hairbow: Ardenes//
If you are looking for a song to passionately sing to in the shower, or just to chill out and hear some good sound, then Kodaline has got your back. This song has entranced me all week and I've been enjoying it a lot. Hope it suits your fancy! 

Love, Natasha


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