Sunlight and a Scarf

Welcome to 2015: the year of the Hoverboard. I heard that phrase today and I was confused because I thought they usually used things like the rooster or the dragon, but I guess times have changed. Technology is surpassing the animal kingdom.

It looks kind of like my head is being absorbed into a portal wall, which would be cool but probably doesn't exist yet because 2015 is only the year of the Hoverboard.. 

This skirt is one of my favorites. It was handmade by my best friend, Stephanie, and I wore it religiously this summer. One of those pieces that you want to wear every day but can't because of social constructs that decree you can't wear things too often without public ridicule. 
Anyway the skirt is pretty and I appreciate it. The scarf is from Smart Set, as well as the tank top I am wearing underneath, which is cute but covered because of Manitoba's temperatures. 

My headband is from China, thanks to my sister and Christmas. 

//Skirt: Handmade//Scarf: Smart Set//Cardigan: Christmas present//Tanktop: Smart Set//Tights: Walmart//Boots: Herbergers//Headband: Chinese market//

So it looks like the mild winter season we have been having is over very soon, and the temperatures will dip down like a majestic whale going on an adventure to the very very deep part of the ocean. And never coming back. 

So I will drown my sorrows in very good music. Here's a song I listen to when I'm sad about how single I am, or when I want to crawl into bed after a long... morning...
I know the original is by Ed Sheeran but I hope you enjoy Kina's lovely rendition from the heart. And her talent for giving her hair some beautiful volume at the top. 

Love, Natasha


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