Peachy Fall

Hello Readers!

Today's outfit is brought to you by my bestest friendest Stephanie, who gave me this peachy dress. It's chiffon skirt is so elegant and long, I love the silhouette it has. For this fall photoshoot, Christine (my photographer) and I went to a street in the city to find some perfect coloured trees to match my dress. We took so long to find the perfect street that the sun went down, and we were left with a quickly-advancing dusk and no time to spare. But Christine worked wonders with her camera and post-editing, so the results are these. 

I know my fair skin precludes me to fall [hehe] in love with this season, but really, I tend to think fall is just meh. I'm sure if you're a regular reader of this blog that I absolutely adore the summer months, and of course fall means the end of all the sweater-less leggings-less socks-less season and I have to once more figure out how each of my outfits can become seasonally appropriate, and then struggle as I watch each pair of shoes succumb to the muddy trails and dirt roads that exist in this country. 

I won't complain any more than that about fall, I promise. It does make for a good latte.

Also, this dress has pockets. 

As I move through my third year of university and begin to see more and more of myself, there are so many things I wish I could immediately change, and things that I have seen myself abundantly grow in over this season. A lot of my ambition is focused on being in the working world, but I still have two years of schooling left and I need to establish an identity outside of my career before becoming a person in the workforce. It's important to me. I also want to make this blog more sophisticated and elegant, I want to find a life balance that involves no guilt when I do something fun instead of homework. I want to build more friendships and see growth in other people as well, and help them achieve their goals. I want to do all these things before being a career woman, so I guess I should focus on that instead of always looking to what the future holds. 

//Dress: West Edmonton Mall?//Purse: Thrifted//Shoes: The Shoe Warehouse//

This week's classy tune is brought to you by Matt Simons, who is like one of those artists you wouldn't expect much from, but then he just gives you such good stuff. I want to give you his whole latest EP because it makes me feel things but I think I'll just stick with this one song. 
It's called Lose Control and me likey 

Love, Natasha 


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