Blue Skirts and the Blues

Hi Readers!

It's a bit rainy this weekend, which is an anomaly for this valley.

Another anomaly would be this skirt, which I found in the depths of a thrift store. It was originally the bottom half of a very 80's mother-of-the-bride set. The top was a shoulder pad-adorned beaded number of the same texture and colour. But this skirt, it fits like a dream and it is made with the quality that modern clothing companies seem to omit first when thinking of how to cut costs. The long, durable fabric makes it quite heavy for a chiffon skirt, but it makes for a lovely silhouette. Also, a fun fact, I had my first car accident while wearing this outfit. 

And I made this super rad gif! I've never made a gif before! 

This month has been really tough. I've been trying to find a job, and no avenue seems traversable enough to even be called an avenue. I have exhausted my stash of what seemed like a surplus of resumes and cover letters, and I have been to places I thought I wouldn't need to go. I still have nothing. Desperation set in last week, and there have been a lot of tears. I am struggling so much.  

The thing that gave me the most courage in the beginning was that before I left Manitoba for BC, in my devotions and time spent with God, it was clear that God had something for me, that he was going to give me a job or an experience that was valuable and would earn some money. At least, that was my interpretation. He provides, that's His character. And if He were to deviate from that, He wouldn't be the unchanging God. So at the beginning of this month I set out to find that job that He had for me, tucked away somewhere. I didn't think it would take this long, and I didn't think I would be without for so long. I'm really ticked, actually. And frustrated. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. 

However, if I continue in this grumbling stage of have-not, I am completely missing the point. Yes, this month is getting increasingly difficult, but I'm learning about how much I really do have, and all the reasons I have to celebrate being here in Kelowna. I'm also learning about trust, and how trusting God means having to believe in His provision even when He doesn't come through when you think He should. I'm not even close to having an affirmed belief in this, I'm struggling with it a lot. But that's the end goal, to be in a place where the world can throw it's crap at you and you can say "God is good. He knows what's up. I trust Him." and then seek to help him from where you currently are. 

 Maybe that's what He meant when He said He had something for me here. But I still need tuition money if I'm going back to school in the fall; so He's going to have to do something soon if He wants me back there. 

//Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you. And through it all, through it all, it is well with my soul// 

//Skirt: Thrifted//Shirt: Smart Set//Shoes: Nine West// 

Thanks for listening. 

Love, Natasha 


Lauren said…
Jody R said…
God has you in the palm of His hand. He will absolutely provide for you. Just continue to put yourself in the center of His will and you're golden; like your heels! ;)

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