Warming Up to the Idea

Hi everyone, 

I have started curling the front fringe of my hair lately. It gives my hair a different texture, and since I've basically had the same hairstyle since Grade 11, I was looking for ways to change it without growing it out or shaving it off. (There is pretty much nothing I can do.) I think it's a cute and easy way to feel more excitement about my hairstyle. I did dye it a dark blue in February, but now it has faded to a chestnut brown. I don't know how that happened. I think the next colour will be back to purple like in this post

These cat tights are having their 2nd appearance on Haphazardly Preppy, and they aren't in regular circulation for my wardrobe, mostly because they (c)attract so much attention. But I love the cute details it adds to a regular skirt/shirt combo that would be rather non-descript without it. 

It looks like I won't be needing to wear tights for too long though. I hope the sun can warm up to the idea of taking a vacation from behind the clouds. It haunts me to know the rest of the world is enjoying a sunburn and Manitoba is still being swept away by the cold wind. 

Indie folk vibes for rolled-down windows and sunglasses.

Love, Natasha

*bonus photo*


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