Blogger Crush: Finding Femme

Hi Readers!

A bit of a different post today; I wanted to highlight a special person who's blog I follow and love, and maybe in the process share a bit about what blogging means to me and the best parts of being a part of the industry.

Liana lives in Ballarat, Australia, her day job is in marketing, and she is one of the coolest people I have ever found on the internet. Her fashion is so incredibly classy and elegant, and I have spent hours scrolling through the pages of her photos.

She is really fun, and I love how much she smiles in her photos. Her photography is simple and beautiful, and you can tell she has a blast with her blog posts. The first series of photographs that really caught my eye was a post she did with just a scarf and an empty room. She managed to create such elegant and interesting photos with just herself, and it was something that was inspiring to me as a blogger.

But the biggest thing that I like about Finding Femme is the writing. Her honesty, vulnerability, and poetic prose are very inspiring. She has many posts that have encouraged me about my self esteem, and been so surprising. This one post in particular was one that really shocked me, and I was very grateful for how she chose to tell her readers about her struggles with body image and blogging. 

She also shares about her life and her family, and this post that she made in December about her songwriting was really interesting to read. It feels like an honour to read about this beautiful person's thoughts from Australia. 

She has insightful things to say about the world, like this post about being an introvert, a topic I am particularly interested in. (maybe a post coming soon) 

(and this beautiful tulle skirt! how magnificent!) 

She also used to have short hair, which just makes her a 10/10 in my books (you can figure out why) although she has grown it out since then. 

//All photos courtesy of  

I love her honesty. I love how real she is, and how she doesn't need to pretend that her life is perfect and she wakes up smiling and ready to take beautiful photos every day. 

I love how adorable she looks, and I love how she is okay to tell us she doesn't always think so too. I hope by making this post she can realize how much she has influenced me as a blogger and as a woman, and how beautiful I consider her to be. I really admire her passion and talent! And I hope you have discovered some things as well through reading her posts. 

Thanks for reading this whole thing, I will reward you diligent readers with five songs this week! Hooray! 

(something fun)

(something sad)

(something quirky)

(something new)

(something interesting) 

Have a great week! 

Love, Natasha 


Liana Skewes said…
Thank you so much, darling Natasha! This is wonderful, and also really surreal to see myself through the eyes of someone else. You probably know that feeling that plenty of bloggers get where you think you're all alone in your little corner of the internet. This has made me feel much more visible than I thought I was. You have very seriously warmed my heart. Thank you so much. These are beautiful words and wonderful things to say. You are most welcome to my pictures and I'm really grateful you shared.

I must also apologise because you comment on my posts and for some strange reason I do not have the option to reply. I usually +1 so you know I have read your comment. If you have ever felt unloved with your comments, please know it's not of my choosing :)
Jacqueline Cleverley said…
You are so right in your assessment. Liana is a great person and is as honest as her blog portrays! Stylish too.

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