Late Nights and Hair Cuts

Hello Readers, 

I thought I would take this post to explain some things about my hair. People seem to ignore that I have this hair cut until it comes up in conversation, and then they are suddenly very interested in the reasons behind my short hair. 

In the recent months I have come to realize how different it makes me. It's just hair, but I think it is more influential to my overall countenance than I previously realized. I've talked to a lot of people about my hair, and one of the things they say often is "not many people can pull off that style," which is understood because face shape and ability to style it well etc, but it makes me think about all the women currently with long hair who just aren't aware that they could totally rock a pixie cut. So what is stopping them? Is there a stigma? Or maybe it's fear? 

Sure, cutting your hair short is a big step (relatively) and takes bravery. I remember I contemplated and envisioned for weeks before the appointment, just making sure I was making the right decision. (I should have cared less. Beauty is fleeting. Proverbs 31:30) And since it grows back, the risk factor is less than you realize. But still! Women are afraid to cut their hair! 

Long hair is considered beautiful. Feminine. Elegant. Countless guys have talked about the way long hair is just so entirely attractive to them, and I agree, it is magnificent. And it hasn't really bothered me to know that. I'm different, I don't have long hair. That doesn't matter, I don't need long hair to be beautiful. 

But what does my short hair say about me in contrast to those who have long hair? Most people I have met say confidence, and so it begs the question "do girls with long hair lack confidence?" Probably not every girl, but maybe for some. If chopping it off takes courage, then I hope every girl has a chance to do it. Don't hide behind a hairstyle that only exists because of a desire to be someone other than yourself. 

Check out my sweet necklace from Reitmans! So delicate. 
My hair is short. I'm not going to change it soon, and I don't need to worry about what others think. I am not going to grow it out for anyone but myself, and I don't want to grow it out just for you to "see what I look like with long hair" because that's not what I'm about. It's okay to have long hair, short hair, no hair, or lots of hair. But sure-as-heck don't do it to impress others. Your hair is uniquely you, so you can make perfect beach waves if you want, or you can leave it in it's natural craziness. Hair does not define you or your level of confidence. 

//Skirt: Winners//Shirt: Thrifted//Shoes: Payless Shoes//Necklace: Reitmans//

Just found this song about 5 minutes ago. I love the freshness and innocence of it, and the way it has a high energy from start to finish. Take a listen!

Love, Natasha 


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