Dramatic Monochromatic

Hello People of the Internet; I hope your week has been lovely and full of beautiful things. 

This was a dramatic take on the usual outfit shoot, and we had quite a different space to work with so I congratulate Anastasiia on her ability to use a small room to her advantage. It was fun to be theatrical. 

This dress was a happy purchase, and finding it at Reitmans for under $15 was a total steal. I was with my mom and it was a very nice day of shopping and hanging out, so good memories are associated with the dress. I have paired it with completely black items, which is a rare occurrence because I love having colour on my person. Nevertheless, today I was in a monochrome state of mind and I felt like my hair balanced out the lack of visual expression. 

You're probably wondering why my hair is suddenly defying gravity so strongly, and that's because I finally tried to accomplish a style that I have always admired during my years as a pixie-haired woman. I call it The Flip Up but it definitely has a more professional name. I took a long time with a straightener and made it super curly on the top, and I'm pleased with how well it photographed. I will only do this for special occasions, though, because it's quite daring in contrast with my usual style. 

//Dress: Reitmans//Top: Christmas gift from Grandma//Leggings: Thrifted//Boots: Walmart//
And since fashion and hair aren't the only things in the world, I will leave you with a song by Magic Man, who has sung to me with his eclectic drum beats over the past week. Also it has pretty album artwork. 
Hope you enjoy it! 

Love, Natasha


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