Off Days

Hello Readers, 

I thought I would write a post about having good days. 

A good day doesn't have to be out on the town or going on an adventure far from home; that's the wonder of it all. It can happen at any time, where you fall into bed at the end of it and say to yourself "My goodness, that day was just so full of good things." 

Good things can take many different shapes. It could be spending the entire day by yourself, organizing your house, getting things done, being in silence and lost in your thoughts. Or you could take the day and spend it with as many of your favourite people as you can, or all of them all at once. You could just get into your car and drive with the windows down and the radio blaring, or you could curl up with your favourite pet and snack on something you haven't in a while. 

As you might begin to notice, good days don't usually happen when good things happen to you. Good days are made, created, explored with effort. Taking moments to do the things you love with the people you love. A good day can be full of crappy things that made you learn lessons. Or crappy things that you totally suckerpunched and won the battle against. And when you fall into bed and think about everything that happened, maybe the fact that you survived means it was a Good Day. 

Of course, not every day can be a good day. Of course not. There will be Nothing Days and Bad Days and Very Bad Days and times where you wish everyone and everything could leave you alone for many hours. My best friend Stephanie just started a sick blog where she talks about the Bad Days, and I am so excited about it. I hope you can check it out and connect with it because it is some darn good art. 

And I hope for all of you that you choose to take good days and leave the bad days for another time. 

//Dress: Ricky's//Belt: Thrifted//Booties: Walmart// 

As for music this week, you can enjoy this touching song by Aurora that sings me to sleep. 

Love, Natasha 


Liana Skewes said…
Hello darling! Thank you for listing me as a blogger you admire. I *really* like your pixie cut, and your style is gorgeous!



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